Political Dates to Remember

Primary mail in voter registration deadline: May 29th
Primary in person and online registration deadline: June 11th
Early voting: June 12th-June 22nd
Primary Election: June 26th
General mail in voter registration deadline: October 9th
General in person and online registration deadline: October 22nd
Early voting: October 23rd-November 2nd
General Election: November 6th

Visit http://elections.utah.gov/ for lots of great election information.

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Fellow Delegate…

Fellow Delegates – 
As you may know, the County Convention on April 14th will now be at Salem Hills High.  It is imperative that we are on our best behavior!  There will be ACT testing in half of the school, and parents are concerned that we will be too loud.  The parents have hired police to patrol the school, so we ask that you be extremely respectful to rules and these important tests that determine if these students get into college.
– The only door to the school that we may enter is the North door.  
– Parking is only at the football stadium and tennis court.  Once this parking is full, then we begin parking on the road.  Absolutely no parking in the East parking lot.  This will be monitored by the police.
– Candidate signs can only be placed in the North Lawn.  This is where we enter.
– If an area is marked “No Talk Zone” – that really means No talking.  
The Executive Committee approved an agenda for the Convention.  Room assignments have not been made, but we will let you know them as soon as we hear this.
6:30 – Credentialing opens.  We will credential by Legislative District, so look for District 61.
7:30 – 8:05 – Central Committee Meeting (Precinct Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Party Leadership) – Auditorium
8:20 – 9:00 – Senate Caucuses
9:15 – 10:15 – House Caucuses
10:30 – General Session begins
We will adjorn when business is completed.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Legislative District 61 Leadership

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April 6, 2012 · 9:00 am


This caucus season has been the craziest that I have ever seen.  I knew I was jumping into a wild party when I ran for district chair, but WOW!  I want to say thank you for all of your patience as we work through the aftermath of redistricting.  Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to help out as we put together a highly publicized caucus on a very short schedule.  A special thank you to my district team: Beau, Richard, Matt and Thayne.  They have been more than wonderful.  I have no doubt that this year’s caucus night will be deemed a great success.  Our caucus hosts are all excited and prepared.  So, here we go…

See you on Thursday!


ps.  Remember, just as caucus has been moved up, so have the conventions.  The county convention will be April 14th and the state convention will be the following week, April 23.

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Caucus Locations

Neighborhood caucuses will be held Thursday, March 15th at 7 pm.  Here is the list of caucus locations and hosts.

OR13 UVU, room 206a/b, Student Center, Scott Strong

OR47 Cherry Hill Elementary, Arturo Morales

OR12 Cherry Hill Elementary, Leonard Laxton

OR37 Cherry Hill Elementary, Joyce Mitchell

OR11 Westridge Elementary, Jay Henrie

PR31 Westridge Elementary, John Breeding

PR27 Westridge Elementary, Justin Heideman

PR25 Grandview CAS (old Grandview Elementary Gym), Lynda Roper

PR13 Grandview CAS, Jeff Strain

PR19 Lakeview Elementary, Christy Gomm

PR20 Lakeview Elementary, Lisa Shepherd

PR24 Lakeview Elementary, Paul Hollingsworth

PR18 Dixon Middle School, Shaun Pace

PR21 Dixon Middle School, Matt Thompson

PR22 Dixon Middle School, Scott White

PR23 Dixon Middle School, Carol Walters

PR35 Dixon Middle School, Ken Clark

Find your new precinct by visiting http://www.utahcountyonline.org/Dept/ClerkAud/Elections/Precinct_Maps/index.asp

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EC Meeting Minutes

 UCRP Executive Committee Agenda

1/19/12 7:00 PM at Alexander’s

 Proxies:  Stan Lockhart ( for Donald Garlitz), Peggy Burdette (for Linda Housekeeper), Raphael Millet (for Chad Bunn)

Chair: David Acheson
Secretary:  Absent

Called to order at 7:15 pm

The previous meeting being held in Executive Session, no minutes were approved

The agenda was adopted on a motion by Chris Shelley.

Committee Reports

C&BC – Lisa Shepherd
Norm Jackson resigned from the committee.  Dave Duncan was appointed by the Chair.
Chris Shelley moved to approve Dave Duncan as a committee member.  Adopted 9 to  4

Audit Committee – Chris Shelley
The committee is putting the audit out to bid.

 Officer Reports

Chair report
Cory  Maloy reported on the  Dist 57 Election.  Craig frank was elected by 69% of the vote (62 votes).  89 delegates were credentialed.

The report to the Central Committee regarding his [sic, Jeremy’s] removal from office by the Executive Committee was reviewed and adopted by unanimous consent.  The report is that the Julie Blaney complaint was upheld in Executive Session, and the EC recommends removal from office as Secretary and as a member of the State Central Committee.

Lisa Shepherd moved that Kirby Glad be elected Secretary Pro Tem for the meeting, which was adopted.

New Business

 District Caucus Rules
Lisa moved to adopt the 2 page district rules (attached)

Stan moved to Amend the title to “Suggested District Caucus Election rules 2012’  and to add to the bottom:

“Changes from the italicized section of these rules is not permitted.  Other Variations from these suggested rules approved by the majority vote of the District Caucus shall not be grounds for challenges of the election results.’

The Amendment was adopted 11 to 4
The amended suggested rules were adopted by unanimous vote.

Lincoln Day Dinner
Kirby reported we have raised about $12,000 by sales of tables and some tickets
Tickets will be on sale at the CC meeting at the discount rate

Precinct Caucus night – March 15
The insurance certificate from the state party is now available.
Kirby discussed a plan to have precinct secretaries enter the caucus information within 24 hours on a website.

CC Meeting Proposed Agenda
The proposed agenda was discussed, but a vote was delayed pending items to be presented later.

Other Business from the Floor

Barbara Petty moved that “this body recognize the invalidity of the December 10th meeting.”

Adopted by 10 to 5 by a roll call vote.

Voting Yes: Scott Bell, Jeff Alexander, Jacki Wilson, DeLaina Tonks, Becky Pirente, Barbara Petty, Mathew Thompson, Marian Monahan, Stan Lockhart, Raphael Millet

Voting No:  Wendy Woodfield, Chris Shelley, Lisa Shepherd, David Duncan, Peggy Burdette

Abstain: David Acheson, Cory Maloy

It was moved by Barbara Petty that we nullify the adoption of B114-A because it is in conflict with RNC rule 15,c 2.  There was a Point of Order from Dave Duncan on whether the EC has the authority to nullify actions of the Central Committee.  The Chair ruled the motion out of order.

Stan Lockhart moved that “we forward the action of the Executive Committee to the Central Committee as a point of order relative to the December 10th meeting for their consideration.”

Adopted 11 to 5

It was moved that we place this on the agenda after Jackie’s Precinct Caucus training


Stan Lockhart moved the each side of the validity issue be given 5 minutes on the Central Committee agenda to makes a presentation on the issue, and debate be limited to 3 speakers on each side for 2 minutes each.


David Duncan moved “We recognize that the county party is subject to the state and national party rules.”

Adopted by unanimous vote

Adjourned at 9:50 pm

Submitted by Kirby Glad

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12/10/11 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

The Utah County Republican Party Central Committee met in a special session yesterday to vote on delegate allocation bylaws that were left unfinished from our November meeting.  The final credentials report listed 275 members in attendance.

The meeting ran very smoothly, with a pre-published agenda (in accordance with Special Meeting rules), a well-run credentialing process, presentations from both the For and Against sides, a healthy amount of respectful debate, and a transparent balloting process.

Central Committee members line up in the aisle to vote on Bylaw 114A

To view the text of the bylaw proposals, visit the Constitution and Bylaws Committee website.

At issue was the allocation process for State Delegates.  There were two bylaw proposals to be considered on this topic:  B114-A would have allocated all state delegate seats to the precincts (eliminating the 78 ex officio state delegate seats).  If B114-A failed, B114-B would be taken up, which would allow the committee to choose which state delegate seats to allocate to the precincts and which to keep as ex officio.

The committee first voted on B114-A, which passed by a vote of 144 for, 130 against.  The effect of this vote will be to allocate all state delegates to the precincts.  (Because this bylaw passed it nullified any need to address B114-B, so B114-B was not taken up).

The effect of this vote is that those ex officios currently listed in Bylaw 1 will no longer have an automatic State Delegate seat:

– Executive Committee Members
– Legislative District Vice-Chairs and Education Officers
– Federal Republican Elected Officials residing in Utah County
– State Republican Elected Officials residing in Utah County
– County Republican Elected Officials
– State Party Officers residing in Utah County
– The most recently released County Party Chair

All of these still retain their ex officio County Delegate seat, as well as their existing membership on the Party’s governing committees.  Precinct Chairs’  State Delegate status is not affected by this vote.

Ballot counting for B114A took place on the stage in front of the Central Committee.

Also voted on at this meeting was Bylaw 140, which outlined notification and filing procedures for Legislative District Officer elections.  An amendment was made and approved by the body to allow nominations from the floor if fewer than 2 candidates have filed for a position.  The bylaw proposal passed as amended.

The committee also raised $1,005.00 in donations from members.  The Party now has a mobile card reading device allowing more people to donate at meetings.


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Special Central Committee Meeting Called for 12/10

Dear UCRP Central Committee Member -This email serves as official notification that a Special Meeting of the Central Committee has been called for Saturday, December 10, at 9:00 a.m., at Dixon Middle School in Provo.

This meeting has been called by Central Committee members in accordance with Bylaw 8.C for the purpose of addressing bylaw proposals not finished at our 11/17/11 meeting.  Please see the proposed agenda below.

We hope you will make every effort to attend so the Party may address these time-sensitive business items. We look forward to seeing you there.


Dave Duncan
(on behalf of David Acheson Utah County Republican Party Chair)


UCRP Central Committee Meeting Agenda 

Special Meeting of the Central Committee, called by Central Committee Members in accordance with UCRP Bylaw 8.C, for the purpose of addressing bylaw proposals not finished at our 11/17/11 meeting.

Saturday, December 10, 2011, 9:00 a.m.

Dixon Middle School (NE entrance)
750 West 200 North
Provo, Utah 84601

Credentialing will open at 8:15 a.m. (sign in, name badges, ballots and wrist bands).  Please bring photo ID.  Balloting will be under the direction of the Party Chair and the Audit Committee.

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Credentials Report
6. Constitution and Bylaws business:

a.  B-114-A (Bylaw 1 – State Delegate Allocation):

  • Presentations are limited to 20 minutes (10 minutes FOR and 10 minutes AGAINST), followed by up to 10 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Debate is limited to 30 minutes (90 seconds per speaker), alternating between FOR and AGAINST.
  • Vote.

b.   B-140 (Legislative District Elections – Candidate Filing and Notification Procedures):

  • Debate is limited to 15 minutes (90 seconds per speaker), alternating between FOR and AGAINST.
  • Vote.

c.  B-114-B (Bylaw 1 – State Delegate Allocation by Office):

  • Debate is limited to 30 minutes (90 seconds per speaker), alternating between FOR and AGAINST.
  • Vote.

7. Adjourn

End of Notice, Beginning of Explanation
PS Q: Why is Dave Duncan sending this, instead of David Acheson, or Bonnie Morrow (the new party vice chair, as of November 17th)?
A: Good question. If you are wondering, feel free to read on. If not feel free to stop. 🙂 The duly submitted petition, authorized by Bylaw 8.C was submitted days ago on November 29th. Chairman Acheson is tied up with the Novell/Microsoft trial and has had limited communication ability. He authorized Kirby and me (taking us up on previous pledges we made to help in any way we can) to work with Vice Chair Bonnie Morrow on this, but we have not been able to contact her over the last few days. Today is the last day this notice can go out, so I am forced to proceed, since it is called by a petition I helped initiate. A post card noticing the meeting has already been sent out. Some of you may have already received it.

Feel free to reply to this email with concerns or complaints. I’m happy to respond as best I can, starting tomorrow. I have a plane to catch this evening.

This is sent to all CC members with an email address in the latest listing I have from the party secretary.

For your reference, the email to Bonnie from David Acheson:
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 21:33:26 -0700
Subject: Bonnie can you work with Kirby and Dave to get an email out
From: David Acheson <dacheson@gmail.com>
To: Bonnie Morrow <bonnie4provo@gmail.com>, Dave Duncan <dave@duncans.org>,
	Kirby Glad <kirbyglad@comcast.net>

under your signature, announcing the meeting on Dec 10.

Dave and Kirby can direct you.

David Acheson


Dear Central Committee member,

A Special Meeting has been called according to our bylaws by members of the Central Committee to address the unfinished C & B items that we were on the agenda for the November 17th meeting at Orem High School.

This meeting will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at Dixon Middle School, 750 W 200 N, Provo, at 9:00 a.m.  Enter the school at the NE entrance by the auditorium.

New C&B Website
The C & B items are the same; however, for your ease the items are being once again being forwarded to you.  You may also find this information available on the new Constitution & Bylaws Committee website.

http://www.utahcountygopcbc.info/  (This page is still under construction, but don’t let that scare you. ; )  )

Hover over the menu item “Constitution and Bylaws Amendment Proposals” in the black strip.
You will notice a side drop menu appear with “For Central Committee Vote”.

Here are the direct links to the items.

B114A http://www.utahcountygopcbc.info/?page_id=143
B114B http://www.utahcountygopcbc.info/?page_id=167
B140  http://www.utahcountygopcbc.info/?page_id=215

If you are interested in reading about a called “Special Meeting”, you may find the rules in Robert’s Rules of Order (RONR) 11th Edition, Page 91, line 28. It’s only eight paragraphs.

If you have any questions, I may be reached at 801-787-8211.

Lisa Shepherd


(The original information posted in this article was moved HERE).

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11/17/11 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

Members line up to discuss a bylaw change that would allocate all delegates to the precincts (eliminating ex officio/automatic delegates)

The Utah County Republican Party Central Committee met on Thursday at Orem High School to conduct business.

A credentialing snafu caused a lot of problems.  In a departure from the norm, there were no credentialing name tags, wrist bands, etc., to designate who was eligible to vote.  Additionally, many of the members’ names were absent from the credentials list, and some nonmembers names were on the list.  This caused nearly an hour’s debate over whether the body could/should proceed with voting business.  Ultimately the body voted to move forward with business.

  • It was announced that Vice Chair Adrielle Herring is resigning, so that she can work on a campaign (in accordance with Bylaw 5, C, and 9, A).
  • Bonnie Morrow was presented and approved as the new UCRP Vice Chair.
  • Lisa Shepherd and Kristen Chevrier were approved as the Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.
  • The C&B Committee announced it is in the process of creating a website to discuss/track C&B proposals, and they have launched a Facebook page.

The following Bylaw proposals were addressed:

  • B-133 Update to current (11th) edition of Robert’s Rules — changes our bylaws to specify that we will now use RONR 11 rather than 10.  Passed.
  • B-114A Bylaw 1 – State Delegate Allocation — would amend Bylaw 1 to allocate all state delegate seats (including ex officio/automatic delegate seats) to the precinct caucuses — a very hot topic that received a lot of good discussion, but just as we were about to vote, the time-certain (9:00 p.m.) adjournment time was upon us.  A motion to extend the meeting to finish this proposal and B-114B failed by only 5 votes (of the 2/3 required).  Consequently, no vote was taken on this bylaw amendment.


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Lt Governor Launches District Maps Web Page

Lieutenant Governor Bell’s office recently announced the launch of the Utah Political District Maps web page.  On this page you will find interactive maps of the State House, State Senate, State Board of Education and Congressional Districts recently created by the Legislature during the redistricting process.  Visitors to this site can search for their districts by address or by scanning the maps, and there is an option to print maps.  These districts are slated to take effect on January 1, 2012 for nominating and electoral purposes and on January 1, 2013 for all other purposes.

The boundaries of several precincts were affected by redistricting, and changes to voting precincts are the authority of the county clerk.  Any new precinct boundaries are slated to be available in February.

Future releases will include precinct boundaries and political caucus information.

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VOTE Today

Today is Municipal Election day – please get out and vote, and remind your neighbors to get out and vote.  Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.  To find polling locations and candidate information, visit the following links:




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