12/10/11 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

The Utah County Republican Party Central Committee met in a special session yesterday to vote on delegate allocation bylaws that were left unfinished from our November meeting.  The final credentials report listed 275 members in attendance.

The meeting ran very smoothly, with a pre-published agenda (in accordance with Special Meeting rules), a well-run credentialing process, presentations from both the For and Against sides, a healthy amount of respectful debate, and a transparent balloting process.

Central Committee members line up in the aisle to vote on Bylaw 114A

To view the text of the bylaw proposals, visit the Constitution and Bylaws Committee website.

At issue was the allocation process for State Delegates.  There were two bylaw proposals to be considered on this topic:  B114-A would have allocated all state delegate seats to the precincts (eliminating the 78 ex officio state delegate seats).  If B114-A failed, B114-B would be taken up, which would allow the committee to choose which state delegate seats to allocate to the precincts and which to keep as ex officio.

The committee first voted on B114-A, which passed by a vote of 144 for, 130 against.  The effect of this vote will be to allocate all state delegates to the precincts.  (Because this bylaw passed it nullified any need to address B114-B, so B114-B was not taken up).

The effect of this vote is that those ex officios currently listed in Bylaw 1 will no longer have an automatic State Delegate seat:

– Executive Committee Members
– Legislative District Vice-Chairs and Education Officers
– Federal Republican Elected Officials residing in Utah County
– State Republican Elected Officials residing in Utah County
– County Republican Elected Officials
– State Party Officers residing in Utah County
– The most recently released County Party Chair

All of these still retain their ex officio County Delegate seat, as well as their existing membership on the Party’s governing committees.  Precinct Chairs’  State Delegate status is not affected by this vote.

Ballot counting for B114A took place on the stage in front of the Central Committee.

Also voted on at this meeting was Bylaw 140, which outlined notification and filing procedures for Legislative District Officer elections.  An amendment was made and approved by the body to allow nominations from the floor if fewer than 2 candidates have filed for a position.  The bylaw proposal passed as amended.

The committee also raised $1,005.00 in donations from members.  The Party now has a mobile card reading device allowing more people to donate at meetings.


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3 responses to “12/10/11 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

  1. Lindsay Wiblin

    I was not able to attend this meeting. I am interested to know who ran the meeting because I understood that neither the chair or vice chair were going to be in attendance. What rule or by-law allowed this meeting to be called and run by somebody other than the chair or Vice Chair? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. legislativedistrict61

    The meeting was chaired by UCRP Chairman David Acheson. Vice Chair Bonnie Morrow was also present, helping with credentialing (etc). Steve White served as parliamentarian, and Kirby Glad as Secretary pro-tem. This was possibly the best / smoothest run CC meeting I have seen yet, even in the face of such a big issue.

  3. I think it’s important to add that at the Executive Committee last night (Jan 19th) the Committee voted on a resolution sponsored by Barbara Petty and assisted by Stan Lockhart to “recognize the invalidity of the meeting” due to multiple reports of CC members not hearing about the meeting and to add to the agenda of the Jan 28th meeting this proposal.

    This is important because it raises all sorts of philosophical and slippery questions. For example, what determines a threshold for invalidating a meeting when it has never before been done? If the meeting is invalid are the donations invalid as well? If the meeting is invalidated, how does this affect the LD elections as well as other elections? What are the negative impacts on CC members who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend a special session to have their time invalidated?

    Add to this that the meeting received widespread attention including a major article in the Daily Herald 3 days before the meeting so that even non-CC members knew about the meeting: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/utah-county-gop-to-vote-on-ex-officio-delegates-saturday/article_4e90d650-45a1-53f4-90cd-6264beaa364e.html

    Hopefully we will address the agenda for the upcoming meeting in a second posting on this blog.

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