EC Meeting Minutes

 UCRP Executive Committee Agenda

1/19/12 7:00 PM at Alexander’s

 Proxies:  Stan Lockhart ( for Donald Garlitz), Peggy Burdette (for Linda Housekeeper), Raphael Millet (for Chad Bunn)

Chair: David Acheson
Secretary:  Absent

Called to order at 7:15 pm

The previous meeting being held in Executive Session, no minutes were approved

The agenda was adopted on a motion by Chris Shelley.

Committee Reports

C&BC – Lisa Shepherd
Norm Jackson resigned from the committee.  Dave Duncan was appointed by the Chair.
Chris Shelley moved to approve Dave Duncan as a committee member.  Adopted 9 to  4

Audit Committee – Chris Shelley
The committee is putting the audit out to bid.

 Officer Reports

Chair report
Cory  Maloy reported on the  Dist 57 Election.  Craig frank was elected by 69% of the vote (62 votes).  89 delegates were credentialed.

The report to the Central Committee regarding his [sic, Jeremy’s] removal from office by the Executive Committee was reviewed and adopted by unanimous consent.  The report is that the Julie Blaney complaint was upheld in Executive Session, and the EC recommends removal from office as Secretary and as a member of the State Central Committee.

Lisa Shepherd moved that Kirby Glad be elected Secretary Pro Tem for the meeting, which was adopted.

New Business

 District Caucus Rules
Lisa moved to adopt the 2 page district rules (attached)

Stan moved to Amend the title to “Suggested District Caucus Election rules 2012’  and to add to the bottom:

“Changes from the italicized section of these rules is not permitted.  Other Variations from these suggested rules approved by the majority vote of the District Caucus shall not be grounds for challenges of the election results.’

The Amendment was adopted 11 to 4
The amended suggested rules were adopted by unanimous vote.

Lincoln Day Dinner
Kirby reported we have raised about $12,000 by sales of tables and some tickets
Tickets will be on sale at the CC meeting at the discount rate

Precinct Caucus night – March 15
The insurance certificate from the state party is now available.
Kirby discussed a plan to have precinct secretaries enter the caucus information within 24 hours on a website.

CC Meeting Proposed Agenda
The proposed agenda was discussed, but a vote was delayed pending items to be presented later.

Other Business from the Floor

Barbara Petty moved that “this body recognize the invalidity of the December 10th meeting.”

Adopted by 10 to 5 by a roll call vote.

Voting Yes: Scott Bell, Jeff Alexander, Jacki Wilson, DeLaina Tonks, Becky Pirente, Barbara Petty, Mathew Thompson, Marian Monahan, Stan Lockhart, Raphael Millet

Voting No:  Wendy Woodfield, Chris Shelley, Lisa Shepherd, David Duncan, Peggy Burdette

Abstain: David Acheson, Cory Maloy

It was moved by Barbara Petty that we nullify the adoption of B114-A because it is in conflict with RNC rule 15,c 2.  There was a Point of Order from Dave Duncan on whether the EC has the authority to nullify actions of the Central Committee.  The Chair ruled the motion out of order.

Stan Lockhart moved that “we forward the action of the Executive Committee to the Central Committee as a point of order relative to the December 10th meeting for their consideration.”

Adopted 11 to 5

It was moved that we place this on the agenda after Jackie’s Precinct Caucus training


Stan Lockhart moved the each side of the validity issue be given 5 minutes on the Central Committee agenda to makes a presentation on the issue, and debate be limited to 3 speakers on each side for 2 minutes each.


David Duncan moved “We recognize that the county party is subject to the state and national party rules.”

Adopted by unanimous vote

Adjourned at 9:50 pm

Submitted by Kirby Glad

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