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Notifications for Precinct Chairs/Vice Chairs, delegates.

Special Central Committee Meeting Called for 12/10

Dear UCRP Central Committee Member -This email serves as official notification that a Special Meeting of the Central Committee has been called for Saturday, December 10, at 9:00 a.m., at Dixon Middle School in Provo.

This meeting has been called by Central Committee members in accordance with Bylaw 8.C for the purpose of addressing bylaw proposals not finished at our 11/17/11 meeting.  Please see the proposed agenda below.

We hope you will make every effort to attend so the Party may address these time-sensitive business items. We look forward to seeing you there.


Dave Duncan
(on behalf of David Acheson Utah County Republican Party Chair)


UCRP Central Committee Meeting Agenda 

Special Meeting of the Central Committee, called by Central Committee Members in accordance with UCRP Bylaw 8.C, for the purpose of addressing bylaw proposals not finished at our 11/17/11 meeting.

Saturday, December 10, 2011, 9:00 a.m.

Dixon Middle School (NE entrance)
750 West 200 North
Provo, Utah 84601

Credentialing will open at 8:15 a.m. (sign in, name badges, ballots and wrist bands).  Please bring photo ID.  Balloting will be under the direction of the Party Chair and the Audit Committee.

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Credentials Report
6. Constitution and Bylaws business:

a.  B-114-A (Bylaw 1 – State Delegate Allocation):

  • Presentations are limited to 20 minutes (10 minutes FOR and 10 minutes AGAINST), followed by up to 10 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Debate is limited to 30 minutes (90 seconds per speaker), alternating between FOR and AGAINST.
  • Vote.

b.   B-140 (Legislative District Elections – Candidate Filing and Notification Procedures):

  • Debate is limited to 15 minutes (90 seconds per speaker), alternating between FOR and AGAINST.
  • Vote.

c.  B-114-B (Bylaw 1 – State Delegate Allocation by Office):

  • Debate is limited to 30 minutes (90 seconds per speaker), alternating between FOR and AGAINST.
  • Vote.

7. Adjourn

End of Notice, Beginning of Explanation
PS Q: Why is Dave Duncan sending this, instead of David Acheson, or Bonnie Morrow (the new party vice chair, as of November 17th)?
A: Good question. If you are wondering, feel free to read on. If not feel free to stop. 🙂 The duly submitted petition, authorized by Bylaw 8.C was submitted days ago on November 29th. Chairman Acheson is tied up with the Novell/Microsoft trial and has had limited communication ability. He authorized Kirby and me (taking us up on previous pledges we made to help in any way we can) to work with Vice Chair Bonnie Morrow on this, but we have not been able to contact her over the last few days. Today is the last day this notice can go out, so I am forced to proceed, since it is called by a petition I helped initiate. A post card noticing the meeting has already been sent out. Some of you may have already received it.

Feel free to reply to this email with concerns or complaints. I’m happy to respond as best I can, starting tomorrow. I have a plane to catch this evening.

This is sent to all CC members with an email address in the latest listing I have from the party secretary.

For your reference, the email to Bonnie from David Acheson:
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 21:33:26 -0700
Subject: Bonnie can you work with Kirby and Dave to get an email out
From: David Acheson <>
To: Bonnie Morrow <>, Dave Duncan <>,
	Kirby Glad <>

under your signature, announcing the meeting on Dec 10.

Dave and Kirby can direct you.

David Acheson


Dear Central Committee member,

A Special Meeting has been called according to our bylaws by members of the Central Committee to address the unfinished C & B items that we were on the agenda for the November 17th meeting at Orem High School.

This meeting will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at Dixon Middle School, 750 W 200 N, Provo, at 9:00 a.m.  Enter the school at the NE entrance by the auditorium.

New C&B Website
The C & B items are the same; however, for your ease the items are being once again being forwarded to you.  You may also find this information available on the new Constitution & Bylaws Committee website.  (This page is still under construction, but don’t let that scare you. ; )  )

Hover over the menu item “Constitution and Bylaws Amendment Proposals” in the black strip.
You will notice a side drop menu appear with “For Central Committee Vote”.

Here are the direct links to the items.


If you are interested in reading about a called “Special Meeting”, you may find the rules in Robert’s Rules of Order (RONR) 11th Edition, Page 91, line 28. It’s only eight paragraphs.

If you have any questions, I may be reached at 801-787-8211.

Lisa Shepherd


(The original information posted in this article was moved HERE).

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11/17/11 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

Members line up to discuss a bylaw change that would allocate all delegates to the precincts (eliminating ex officio/automatic delegates)

The Utah County Republican Party Central Committee met on Thursday at Orem High School to conduct business.

A credentialing snafu caused a lot of problems.  In a departure from the norm, there were no credentialing name tags, wrist bands, etc., to designate who was eligible to vote.  Additionally, many of the members’ names were absent from the credentials list, and some nonmembers names were on the list.  This caused nearly an hour’s debate over whether the body could/should proceed with voting business.  Ultimately the body voted to move forward with business.

  • It was announced that Vice Chair Adrielle Herring is resigning, so that she can work on a campaign (in accordance with Bylaw 5, C, and 9, A).
  • Bonnie Morrow was presented and approved as the new UCRP Vice Chair.
  • Lisa Shepherd and Kristen Chevrier were approved as the Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.
  • The C&B Committee announced it is in the process of creating a website to discuss/track C&B proposals, and they have launched a Facebook page.

The following Bylaw proposals were addressed:

  • B-133 Update to current (11th) edition of Robert’s Rules — changes our bylaws to specify that we will now use RONR 11 rather than 10.  Passed.
  • B-114A Bylaw 1 – State Delegate Allocation — would amend Bylaw 1 to allocate all state delegate seats (including ex officio/automatic delegate seats) to the precinct caucuses — a very hot topic that received a lot of good discussion, but just as we were about to vote, the time-certain (9:00 p.m.) adjournment time was upon us.  A motion to extend the meeting to finish this proposal and B-114B failed by only 5 votes (of the 2/3 required).  Consequently, no vote was taken on this bylaw amendment.


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Executive Meeting Minutes 10/20/11

The UCRP Executive Committee held its monthly meeting on 10/20/11.  Following is a report from our Legislative District Chair, Matt Thompson, of the topics covered:

  • Finance Report: The Treasurer received authorization to create a merchant account to enable us to collect donations via credit card.
  • Education Tools for Caucus are being developed and plans are to make them available online.
  • Leg District Elections will be held January 7th after Central Committee Meeting.

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Ex Officio (“Automatic”) Delegate Panel Discussion Tonight

Tonight, the Utah County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws Committee will be hosting a panel discussion about the hot topic of ex officio (“automatic”) delegates (ex officio delegates are those  members of the Party who are State or County Delegates by virtue of the office they hold). This will be a great opportunity to come learn about the pros and cons, and the propriety or impropriety of this type of delegate allocation, which we use in Utah County — what are they, who are they, and why does it matter so much to so many? This discussion and Q/A will be particularly helpful for Central Committee members, who will be voting on ex officio delegate allocation Constitution and Bylaws changes in the future.  Hope to see you there!

Ex Officio Delegate Panel Discussion
Tuesday, September 20
Novell cafeteria, bldg G, Provo
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Further information and comments can be found on the UCRP C&B Committee’s website.

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Candidate List for C&B and Audit Committee Elections

At Saturday’s Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting, elections will be held to select members of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and Audit Committees.  Those elected will serve on these committees for the next two years.  Following is a list of candidates who had filed by the filing deadline; a list (with current updates, if any) can also be found at the UCRP website:

The following individuals have submitted their names for consideration
for the Utah County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws Committee:
• Chris Shelley
• Dan Forward
• Kirby Glad
• Linda Houskeeper
• Norman Jackson
• Paul Baltes
• Raphael Millet
• Shaun Farr
• Diane Christensen
• Sherrie Spencer
• Kristen Chevrier
• Lisa Shepherd

The following individuals have submitted their names for consideration
for the Utah County Republican Party Audit Committee:
• Chris Shelley
• Dann Hone
• Linda Houskeeper
• Clayton Holbrook
• Dave Duncan
• Jordan Gunderson
• Peggy Burdett

Utah County Central Committee Meeting:
(Precinct Chairs/Vice Chairs and other Central Committee members should attend)
Saturday, September 24,  9:00 a.m.
Mountain View High School
665 W. Center, Orem

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C&B and Audit Committee Elections to be held Sept 24

Elections for the Utah County Republican Party’s Audit Committee and Constitution & Bylaws Committee will be held at our Central Committee meeting on Saturday, September 24 (9 a.m. at Mt. View High School, Orem).

Central Committee members may file as candidates for these committees — with the exclusion of county-wide Party Officers and county-wide Party employees, who may  not serve on these committees.  Central Committee members interested in becoming candidates for these committees should email a declaration of candidacy to the Party Secretary ( at least one week prior to this meeting (8:59 a.m. Saturday September 17) (also cc: (Bylaw 8, D, 8, a; 8, E, 7, a).  Nominations from the floor will only be accepted if there is an inadequate number of candidates to fill all vacancies (Bylaw 8, D, 8, b; 8, D, 7, b).

Following is a brief summary of the committee positions; for more information please see UCRP Constitution Article III, F, and UCRP Bylaw 8, D-E.


Number of members to be elected:  7
Term of service:  2 years
Member responsibilities:  Act as guardians of the Party Constitution and Bylaws; review and make recommendations for C&B changes; review Party Platform revisions; attend committee meetings (generally held once a month or as needed).


Number of members to be elected:  5
Term of service:  2 years
Member responsibilities:  Select a qualified CPA firm to review or audit the Party’s financial records for the past fiscal year; oversee the review or audit; present the review or audit report to the Executive Committee for review; submit the review or audit report to the County Central Committee for approval; attend committee meetings held as needed.

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8/18/11 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting 8/18/11

  • Complaint filed by Karen Herd against Connor Boyack over officer neutrality (posting a comment on Facebook / blog) was dismissed without moving to a hearing, by a vote of 12 for, 3 against, 1 abstain.  Discussion about what is/isn’t private, how  Facebook should be treated – public or private?, whether stating how you voted is an endorsement, etc.
  • Delegate List Distribution – interim policy will make list available to those requesting it for party business, w/email addresses included; delegates can remove their email addresses if requested in writing — unanimous vote in favor.  This essentially follows the policy in place in the State Party Constitution.
  • Redistricting press release read – 5 senate seats, 14 legislative seats wholly w/in the county.
  • Jeremy Roberts , Secretary report: Working on website; Jan 11 Lincoln Day Dinner 1200 per table, $50 ea seat, Jeremy temporary chair; Caucus night dinner that’s cheaper; convention event probably too.
  • Corey Maloy, Volunteers Officer – volunteers – getting lists put together, volunteers for CC in Sept.
  • Jacki Wilson, Education Officer is at the Party booth @ the fair.
  • Wendy Woodfield – Organization Officer – Caucus – 2 Step challenge for caucus — 1) commit the leaders (PC/VC) to be in place to train, rally, commit to conduct caucus.  2)  commit to # of block captain.  Training materials – when will they be ready?  Haven’t set that date yet.  Districts (Ed Os) decide when to do their training in their dists.  How is block captain recruiting going?  Maybe get training out of the way b4 leg session (or not) whatever you think is good for you people.  Follow up w/precincts and be sure getting block captains.

Bylaw proposals:

  • B-135 Mid Term Replacement of County Elected Officials – we (CC) just elect 1 person for replacement, not 3 like before.  Follow law for guidelines about dates (3 diff date ranges & how it is handled).  Just required by law to have it in our docs.  Vote – 12 for, 1 against favorable recommendation.
  • B-134 Delegate Vacancy Replacements Appointed by Precinct Chair – currently our docs conflict w/state docs – says only precinct chair can appoint replacements.  12-0 favorable recommendation.
  • B-125-B Discharge proposal from committee — CC can fill in the blank for number of signatures required.  A sponsor could submit a proposal w/out signatures and if it languishes in committee they could resubmit w/signatures (clock would reset).  For – 12 Against – 1.
  • Sept 20, 7:00 p.m. Ex Officio panel discussion – place tba –
  • We need a finance officer.

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Municipal Elections Information

Municipal elections are coming up!  Here are some dates to keep in mind:

  • Municipal Primary Election – Tuesday, Sept 13
  • Municipal General Election – Tuesday, November 8
  • Last day to register by mail or online to vote in Primary – Monday, August 15
  • Last day to register in person to vote in Primary – Monday, August 29 (100 E. Center St., Rm 3100, Provo)

Here are some helpful elections links:

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Help Needed at Utah County Fair

The Utah County Republican Party is in need of volunteers to help staff our booth at the Utah County Fair next week.  The fair runs from Wednesday, August 17, through Saturday, August 20.  We would love to have several people volunteer to help man the booth for 2 or 3 hour shifts during these days.  The fair is open Wednesday from 4 -10 p.m., and Thurs – Sat from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

We just need smiling faces to represent the Party, maybe answer a few questions, and hopefully encourage people to attend caucus and/or volunteer as block captains.

If you plan to be at the fair and/or if you’d like to spend some time helping a great cause while taking in the fun county fair atmosphere, please contact our County Party Education Officer, Jacki Wilson (, and come join us at the fair!

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Looking Forward to Caucus: Recruiting Block Captains

It might seem quite far in the future, but neighborhood caucuses are approaching.  It’s already time to start thinking about and planning for these March neighborhood meetings.

Precinct Chairs – please let the Legislative District team know if you plan on attending and running your precinct caucus.  We understand that it is still early, but we’d appreciate it if you could please respond with your tentative plans.

As you start to think about March, the county is recommending recruiting block captains to help increase caucus turnout within your precinct.  We would like as many of our neighbors as possible to get involved in the process.  Using your delegates is one possible idea for block captains.   Please take a look at your precinct map, think about how many block captains you might need, and start thinking about who might enjoy helping their neighbors turn out to caucus.  More information will be coming as we get closer to March.

Thanks for your service!

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