Contact Your Legislators

District 61 is comprised of the following precincts, which are served by the listed state legislators (if you reside outside of dist 61, you can locate your state legislators at Legislator Lookup):

LV01, OR11, OR13, OR34, OR42, OR47,  PR13, PR15, PR21, PR22, PR23, PR25, PR27, PR31, VI01
— Senate District 15, Margaret

PR18, PR19, PR20, PR24, PR25, PR35
— Senate District 13, Mark Madsen –

—Senate District 16, Curtis Bramble –

  • All of district 61 is served in the state House of Representatives by Keith Grover

On the federal level, district 61 is served by:

  • House of Representatives:  Jason Chaffetz (202) 225-7751
  • Senate:  Orrin Hatch(202) 224-5251,  and  Mike Lee – (202) 224-5444

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