Early Voting Begins Today

Early voting for municipal elections begins today.  If you’d like to avoid long lines at the polls, if you plan to be out of town or very busy on election day, or if you’d just like to beat the rush, give early voting a try!

Early voting runs from Tuesday, October 25 through Friday, November 4, 2011.

In PROVO, early voting for the 2011 Provo City General Election will be held Tuesday, October 25 through Friday, October 28 and Monday, October 31 through Friday, November 4, 2011, from 1:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. in the Provo City Recorder’s Office, 351 West Center Street, Provo, Utah.  Please bring photo I.D. and proof of residency.

In OREM, early voting will be held Tuesday, October 25 through Friday, November 4, 2011, at the Orem City Offices at 56 North State.  Hours are Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  All voters are required to provide “valid voter identification” before they will be allowed to vote.

In VINEYARD we did not locate early voting information, but your town newsletter has some good election and candidate information.

General Election voting will be Tuesday, November 8, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Be sure to get out and vote, and remind your neighbors to vote, too!

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Executive Meeting Minutes 10/20/11

The UCRP Executive Committee held its monthly meeting on 10/20/11.  Following is a report from our Legislative District Chair, Matt Thompson, of the topics covered:

  • Finance Report: The Treasurer received authorization to create a merchant account to enable us to collect donations via credit card.
  • Education Tools for Caucus are being developed and plans are to make them available online.
  • Leg District Elections will be held January 7th after Central Committee Meeting.

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9/24/11 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

The 3rd-quarter Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting was held today at Mountainview High School in Orem.  We had a pretty good turnout – 222 total credentialed – and accomplished quite a bit.  Thanks for your attendance and participation!

Here are some of the meeting highlights:

The following individuals were elected the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, where they will serve for 2 years:

Diane Christensen (154 votes)
Kristen Chevrier (139)
Lisa Shepherd (130)
Kirby Glad (129)
Dan Forward (124)
Paul Baltes (124)
Norman Jackson (121)

The following were elected to the Audit Committee by acclamation, since the number of candidates exactly matched the number of required committee members:

Chris Shelley
Dann Hone
Clayton Holbrook
Dave Duncan
Peggy Burdett

The crowd was pleased to hear short remarks from Speaker Lockhart, Senator Bramble, and Lt Governor Bell, as well as brief reports from some of our elected Party officers.  Audit Chair Dann Hone read the yearly financial review report from the accounting firm Gibert and Stewart, which reported that they were unaware of any material modifications necessary with the Party’s cash method of accounting.

The Committee voted on 4 Constitution and Bylaws amendments, as follows:

  • B-125-B Discharge Proposal from Committee – Helps move a C&B change proposal out from the C&B committee if *50* Central Committee members sign a discharge petition.  PASSED.
  • B-134 Delegate Vacancy Replacements Appointed by Precinct Chair – Provides that only a Precinct Chair may nominate a delegate if a replacement is necessary.  PASSED.
  • B-128-B SCC elected at SCC Caucus – Would create State Central Committee districts and elect 1 State Central Committee member per district, at the County Convention.  FAILED.
  • B-128-A State Central Committee Elected by Senate Caucus – Would apportion State Central Committee seats among the county’s senate districts, with SCC members being elected in the various senate districts, at county convention (to eliminate the ‘beauty pageant’ walk now used to help elect SCC members).   PASSED 88 to 85.

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Delegate Allocation Panel Summary

Yesterday, the Utah County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws Committee hosted a Delegate Allocation Panel discussion to address the often thorny topic of ex officio (“automatic”) delegates.  About 35 people attended.  The goal was to educate attendees by presenting both sides of the argument, for/against having ex officio delegates in the Utah County Republican Party.   Below are summary minutes from the meeting:

Delegate allocation panel discussion 9/20/11


Against having ex officio delegates – Lisa Shepherd, Dave Duncan

For having ex officio delegates –  Don Garlitz, Wendi Baggaly, Mike Terry

CON – opening statements:

  • Video – Tim Bridgewater speaking against the practice of ex officio delegates – transparency, should be neighbors representing neighbors, party leaders should be able to get support and be elected in precincts.
  • Letter from Jason Chaffetz, Howard Stephenson, Tom Hatch, and Tim Brigewater, supporting the removal of the “automatic and appointed delegate” from the Utah republican Party system.
  • Dave – Is the practice allowed, and if so is it a good idea?  If it was a good idea, would it be allowed by the rules as they currently stand?
  • Lisa – It’s not just a vocal minority speaking out; in 2006 vote sustaining the practice failed @ state convention.

PRO – opening statements:

  • Mike Terry – Auto delegates are not “unelected”; elected either by grass roots or by others elected by the grassroots.  Rules clearly allow ex officios.  Prior to having auto dels things not working well; lacking unity.
  • Don Garlitz – A faction of people argue the state party const doesn’t allow the practice.  More than one way of interpreting laws and rules and knowing what they mean.  Reps don’t have to be elected by the most grass roots body to be a rep.  Founding fathers didn’t think it was a bad idea to have representatives electing representatives.


1)  What does the state Party constitution say about ex officio delegates?

PRO – Wendi – “It’s easy to see the same thing in 2 different lights.”  Quoted State Party Const Article XII; says it means ‘distributed fairly’ through Relative Republican Strength.  Thinks county can make a formula for distributing not at the precinct level.

Pro – Dave – Robert’s Rules of Order, 571, interpretive principles of bylaws – express mention of one is exclusion of others.  It’s the only allocation mentioned, excluding any others.  Underfill of delegates can be filled per section XII.

Lisa – “The specific outweighs general, and it’s very specific.”  Appointed people are not elected.  Weber Co got rid of autos; they were against getting rid of it but are glad they did; feel they have more participation.

Rebuttal  – Mike – RONR only for meetings, not general;  Weber and Wa are the only 2 counties w/out auto dels.

2)  State the other side’s position w/out using the words ‘but’, ‘however’, or ‘on the other hand’:

Lisa – We should reward volunteers w/delegate seat; no time to sit in caucus.  “I deserve it; I work hard; this is my pay”.  Elected officials crucial part of the Party; grassroots people not as smart.

Don Garlitz – Our state party docs prohibit the practice.  Even if it were allowed we shouldn’t do it; should be elected at the precinct level.

3)  Does the ex officio delegate degrade grass roots organization and if so, how?

  • Dave – yes; the whole purpose of a delegate is precinct representation.  Fosters grass roots nature by representing neighbors to candidates, and candidates communicating w/delegates.  Shouldn’t take the voice from them.
  • Lisa – a GOP principle is local control; how much more local can you get than in your precinct?  Must live in precinct and be registered GOP to vote in precinct, why turn that privilege over to another body — when general voter (GOP, unaffil, Dems) votes for elected officials they are also voting for a delegate.
  • Don – Thinks Chaffetz and Bridgewater are wrong on this issue; it doesn’t degrade party.  It didn’t offend founding fathers when they arranged for senators to be elected by state legislatures.
  • Wendi – we’re somewhere in the middle of Party Bosses and direct primary – in a just right type spot.  Delegates hold candidates accountable.  Why is it bad to have 10% of the delegates be those who have been in the party “for a very long time and have a lot of experience”? They can weed out candidates/delegates who “really are just spouting nonsense”.
  • Lisa – elected officials don’t want to offend colleagues and constituents so sometimes they don’t vote on delegate issues. The one vote phenomenon – whether or not a race goes to a primary is decided by 1 vote and happens often; candidates (who are delegates) running a campaign can’t vet other candidates as well as precinct delegate.

4)  We all have the same goal – to advance party platform.  How do ex officios help or hinder advancing that goal?

  • Wendi – SLC didn’t allow precinct chairs to auto serve as delegates when she lived there; people wouldn’t run for positions w/out delegate spots.  It is human nature that we want to be involved and that we want to have a vote in decisions.  “It’s not necessarily a reward; it’s that we want to have our voice heard.”  Possibility of alienating officials if they don’t get to have a voice in the principles and the people who will carry the banner of our party.
  • Lisa – Bylaw 2 – precinct chairs not technically ex officios.  Elected officials are so important that they have the ability to get elected in their caucus, whether working the caucus or not.  Local control.  81 voices silenced from precincts in our county – what about those who ran for delegate and lost?  They could maybe have had another delegate spot. “I’d like to ask them, would they agree with our practice?”
  • Dave – SLC demographics diff than us; dropping population, more Democratic than here.  Volunteers should want to work for the love of the principles and Party.
  • Mike – In caucus, outlines what the PC must do to be a delegate (attend, work etc).  Many delegates run only to elect a candidate at nominating convention, then skip organizing convention.

5)  Describe the underlying principles that drive your position?

  • Dave – everyone is protected by the rules in place; respects rule of law; “if they’re bad rules we ought to fix them but we never should just ignore them.”  What’s good for the party and will help us accomplish our principles?  Need people committed to the principles, not the power.  9.5% county, 12.5% state autos does not include PC/VC.
  • Lisa – “What allows the most people to be involved?”  wants to allow many to be involved; nothing precludes from holding as many offices as wanted. At last State Convention one delegate spot was reallocated through 3 people and ended up w/2 people taking the same spot.  Constant fluid method, reallocation; not easy method.  “We have to be super careful; these are peoples’ voting rights we’re talking about.”
  • Don – 1) strong/effective leadership at all levels; need incentives in precinct or good leaders wouldn’t serve in precinct but would go for “higher” position w/auto del; 2) keeps elected officials close to party and vice versa; 3) can’t ignore drive to work for a reward – best incentive to stay engaged.
  • Mike- Leg District officers can’t be in caucuses to get elected. “There’s physically no way they cant’ go to their own caucuses and be elected as a delegate.”
  • Wendi – 2 people ran dist 58 caucus @ 3 schools; no one would help because they want to be elected themselves.  Because she was fulfilling her role as LD officer, she didn’t have to worry about herself but could instead serve the others.  It may work in one district but not in all; needs to be practical for all districts.
  • Lisa – offered to train how it can be accomplished, to run a caucus and be in your caucus to get elected.

6)  Are all current delegates that are not elected at caucus – are they all the same, or can we do away with some slots but keep others?

  • Mike – C&B Committee will have varying degrees for vote by the CC;  CC will be taking a poll about it.  How many/who do you want to be ex officios?
  • Don – some delegates currently aren’t elected, such as LD committee members.  There is some “wiggle room” there, but it would make it hard to get help w/out the delegate spot incentive.
  • Wendi – committee members are county delegates.  5 appointed SC members are the only state delegates not elected but they are ratified.
  • Lisa – respects the voice of the majority; respects decision made by governing body. Past party leaders?  No.  Appointed officers?  ratification is not election.  Elected officials – get elected in precinct.  Party Volunteer officer can help find people to help.
  • Dave – state constitution allows replacements of delegate; it’s whether or not you follow the process.  Being elected to one thing doesn’t automatically mean you should be elected to something else on the side.
  • Lisa – 9 instances we have violated Precinct Chair-only appointments of replacements.
  • Don – Language doesn’t say they have to be elected @ precinct.

Surprise question –

CON TEAM – How would you explain to a party volunteer who’s worked hard why they don’t deserve a delegate spot?

  • Lisa – worked full time as Party Secretary  – “I was not the party sec to get a del position; i can go in m precinct and ask them.”  Important to support organization; up to precinct to elect delegates.  If you work so hard, they will probably agree you should be one.
  • Dave – Constitution says there’s a way to become a delegate and it’s not by working; work and volunteering is good but that’s it’s not how it works.  Would have relinquished his own delegate slot if it went back to precinct, but it goes to appointed LD committee member.

PRO TEAM – How would you convince a precinct they are better off w/out a delegate slot lost to ex officios?

  • Don – probability of reallocating back to precinct is about 1 in 3 to get one of the ex officio slots back in your precinct. “The current practice is not terribly out of balance as it is.”
  • Wendi – Delegate spots are based on Relative Republican Strength, so if you want more, work to get more people involved and voting. That’s what will get you more del spots and increase your voice.  Should change the county const that allows Leg Dist Chair to appoint replacements for precinct delegates – shouldn’t be allowed.
  • Lisa – PR20 got 2 more dels w/ ex officios living in their precinct, but those spots were taken from other precincts.  Better to keep those voices were RRS is highest.
  • Dave – Some precincts have twice as many delegates as they should due to autos.  State Constitution says  – any part of county docs in conflict w/state law or party const are null and void (article VII).

Closing arguments:

  • Don – Current practices are legitimate, consistent w/party docs, and effective.  Utah County’s delegation at capitol is considered most conservative as result of our system.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Reps choosing other reps is reasonable and legitimate and “I think we ought to continue w/the practices the way we have them today.”
  • Wendi – 2006 convention; I was there.  Not a lot of education on pro side, but a lot of negative rhetoric on the other side.  When people are confused or uneducated, they tend to vote no; the vote didn’t mean they were against ex officios but that they were confused.  “It’s a good practice; we need to continue it.”
  • Mike – SCC standing rule #1 says ex o’s not against const.
  • Lisa – Caucus attendees should have direct representation from delegates they elect.
  • Dave – we’re taking away delegates from precincts that deserve them. “The system is broke; we need to fix it.”  How many issues are decided by a margin of 10% or less?  What about when that 10% is concentrated in a few districts?  Some have up to 30% additional allocation.  Significant numbers. We have a constitution, we should follow it – article XII, VII, X – outlines how to change const – standing rule is not one of the ways to change the const.

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9/15/11 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting Sept 15, 2011

  • Linda – who has filed for C&B and Audit cmtee?  Jeremy will get it up tomorrow morning.
  • Kepi – Jeremy, please send confirmation of delegate changes.  Will do.
  • Posting delegate list to the website:  Email from David – let everyone know the list will be shared; contact David if any problems with that.
  • Redistricting – 5 Senate sears, 14 House seats fully w/in county were requested; will have 5 Senate substantially in county w/ some encroachment.  Special session on Oct 3.
  • Jeremy – Website up today; not finished yet; meeting w/ Jeff Alexander & David/Corey to get rest of content up.  C&B, contact lists, etc. will be on.  Doesn’t have the latest version.
  • Scott – Budget – Still no finance officer; will have 14 Leg Dists in 2012; Tech Cmtee – budgeted for technology (remove “committee” – – simply for technology).
  • Jacki – Ed Officer – Successful booth @ fair.  Registered to vote, gave platform, Voter Profile, pocket Constitution, encourage to attend caucus, etc.
  • Wendy – Org Officer – Caucus facilities:  want a presentation abt getting locations?  Dave next month too late.  Contact school scheduler.  Get it done right away.  48 hour cancellation in Alpine – over plan rather than other plan.  Be sure PC/VC in each precinct – call those who haven’t replied to email.  Make sure they have a goal for block captains.
  • Corey – volunteers – keep sending volunteer info so we can have a good pool of volunteers.
  • SCC report – Adrielle – 29 County Plan, elections for SC&B, Audit, Cong Dist.  29 counties in state and we are represented on ea committee.
  • CC 9/24 – email out, post cards will go out Fri, robo call, another reminder email.  Encourage members to come.  Adrielle needs help on elections committee – training that morning @ 8:30.  Pay for scantron?  Dave Duncan said hand counting is better after participating in election recount.
  • David Acheson – can we make counting more transparent?  Can we count in the open?  Anyone could be an observer so long as respectful.  Poll watchers still, too.  Adrielle wants to have it projected on the wall.  Motion – hand count in the open, Kepi second:    opposed 2, 1 abstention; passed.
  • Credentialing volunteers needed from ea leg dist; Jeremy’s not going to arrange for it (no campaigning while credentialing);  credentialing will open at 8:00, not 8:30.  Bring your own lanyard.
  • CC meeting agenda – Audit cmtee report, 2012 Budget Report, Redistricting report (David), C&B election, Audit election, Operation 2012 GOTV.  Speeches for candidates – 2 minutes 10 yay, 10 opposed; tie fails.  90 seconds – 18 yay, 1 nay.
  • UCRP email has been marked as spam by Google, Jeremy said; so check your spam folder.
  • Operation 2012 — Adrielle — Met w/ state party last week and they have some goals for counties; see if we like their approach or our own.  State Party goal 100k attend caucuses in Utah (18.5% of registered Republicans – so that’s 21,604 caucus attendees in UT county) (16,800  + last time; about 5k increase).  We probably can do better than that.  4% increase.  About 90 people per precinct.  Keep in mind when reserving space.
  • State Party goal to gain 2 LD seats state-wide and capture dist 2  and keep all other GOP seats.
  • UT county should only be represented by Republicans.  Work with key campaign people at they start recruiting people to get to caucus.
  • UT Co GOP turnout targets:  up by 3% = 82% Republican voter turnout.  Individual districts’ goals need to be shifted to add up to this number.
  • Sign up 25% of GOP for absentee ballots; absentees get turned in at like 76% rate; higher voter turnout than going to the polls.  Need to get on this modern voting bandwagon or be left behind.
  • 55% of total voters should be registered GOP in Ut co.
  • Vote on state party’s goals – unanimous.
  • LD – need 55% countywide reg gop; we can do better. Some dists already over that number; some under; none under 45%; some dists who already have met their goals can help other dists that need help.  Come back next month with goals.  Then start working w/precincts.
  • Adjourn.

Attending – David Acheson, Adrielle Herring, Scott Bell, Jeremy Roberts, Jeff Alexander, Dave Duncan, DeLaina Tonks, Becky Strain, Barbara Petty, Kepi Heimuli, Chad Bunn, Marian Monahan, Don Larsen, Linda Houskeeper, Dann Hone, Kraig Thorne, Dawn Frandsen, Jacki Wilson, Becky Pirente, Diane Christensen, Corey Malloy, Wnedy Woodfield, Keri Witte, 2 other visitors.

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Ex Officio (“Automatic”) Delegate Panel Discussion Tonight

Tonight, the Utah County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws Committee will be hosting a panel discussion about the hot topic of ex officio (“automatic”) delegates (ex officio delegates are those  members of the Party who are State or County Delegates by virtue of the office they hold). This will be a great opportunity to come learn about the pros and cons, and the propriety or impropriety of this type of delegate allocation, which we use in Utah County — what are they, who are they, and why does it matter so much to so many? This discussion and Q/A will be particularly helpful for Central Committee members, who will be voting on ex officio delegate allocation Constitution and Bylaws changes in the future.  Hope to see you there!

Ex Officio Delegate Panel Discussion
Tuesday, September 20
Novell cafeteria, bldg G, Provo
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Further information and comments can be found on the UCRP C&B Committee’s website.

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Candidate List for C&B and Audit Committee Elections

At Saturday’s Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting, elections will be held to select members of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and Audit Committees.  Those elected will serve on these committees for the next two years.  Following is a list of candidates who had filed by the filing deadline; a list (with current updates, if any) can also be found at the UCRP website:

The following individuals have submitted their names for consideration
for the Utah County Republican Party Constitution and Bylaws Committee:
• Chris Shelley
• Dan Forward
• Kirby Glad
• Linda Houskeeper
• Norman Jackson
• Paul Baltes
• Raphael Millet
• Shaun Farr
• Diane Christensen
• Sherrie Spencer
• Kristen Chevrier
• Lisa Shepherd

The following individuals have submitted their names for consideration
for the Utah County Republican Party Audit Committee:
• Chris Shelley
• Dann Hone
• Linda Houskeeper
• Clayton Holbrook
• Dave Duncan
• Jordan Gunderson
• Peggy Burdett

Utah County Central Committee Meeting:
(Precinct Chairs/Vice Chairs and other Central Committee members should attend)
Saturday, September 24,  9:00 a.m.
Mountain View High School
665 W. Center, Orem

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Primary Election Results

Many thanks to all those who stepped forward to run for city council seats in today’s Primary Election.  The votes have been counted, and the results can be found at the following sites:





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C&B and Audit Committee Elections to be held Sept 24

Elections for the Utah County Republican Party’s Audit Committee and Constitution & Bylaws Committee will be held at our Central Committee meeting on Saturday, September 24 (9 a.m. at Mt. View High School, Orem).

Central Committee members may file as candidates for these committees — with the exclusion of county-wide Party Officers and county-wide Party employees, who may  not serve on these committees.  Central Committee members interested in becoming candidates for these committees should email a declaration of candidacy to the Party Secretary (jeremy.roberts@utahcountygop.org) at least one week prior to this meeting (8:59 a.m. Saturday September 17) (also cc:  adrielleherring@hotmail.com) (Bylaw 8, D, 8, a; 8, E, 7, a).  Nominations from the floor will only be accepted if there is an inadequate number of candidates to fill all vacancies (Bylaw 8, D, 8, b; 8, D, 7, b).

Following is a brief summary of the committee positions; for more information please see UCRP Constitution Article III, F, and UCRP Bylaw 8, D-E.


Number of members to be elected:  7
Term of service:  2 years
Member responsibilities:  Act as guardians of the Party Constitution and Bylaws; review and make recommendations for C&B changes; review Party Platform revisions; attend committee meetings (generally held once a month or as needed).


Number of members to be elected:  5
Term of service:  2 years
Member responsibilities:  Select a qualified CPA firm to review or audit the Party’s financial records for the past fiscal year; oversee the review or audit; present the review or audit report to the Executive Committee for review; submit the review or audit report to the County Central Committee for approval; attend committee meetings held as needed.


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State Central Committee Meeting Report

The the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee met on Saturday, August 27.  Click here to read a report of this meeting.

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